Taiji Tuesdays Brighton
Taiji Tuesdays Brighton
Taiji Tuesdays Brighton
Taiji Tuesdays Brighton
Taiji Tuesdays Brighton
Taiji Tuesdays Brighton

Taiji Tuesdays Brighton

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Taiji (Tai Chi) Tuesdays Brighton 8-9pm Every Tuesday 


Learn useful warm-up exercises and flowing movements through the theory and practice of Taiji*; an ancient art that has been attributed to provide many health benefits.

Beginners welcome to Tai Chi Class in Brighton


Come alone and practice taiji taught by student of the Vice-Chairman of Internal Medicine (NeiDan) at BeJing University, Doctorate of Human Energy Research & Shaolin Lay Monk. Enjoy the practice of this authentic and classic form of Taiji  and the and latest scientific research on this art…

Spiralling Technique

During the class we will learn the classic spiraling technique of the ancient art, learn how this helps us from our own well-being and self-defense point of view.

Relaxing & Rejuvenating Warm-up

We will also learn easy-to-do at home stretches to loosen and relax the whole body, increase blood flow, ease stiff joints, release back-pain and prepare the body for the classic Taiji (Tai Chi) form practice that is extremely beneficial for the body and mind.

The warm-up exercises also put us in touch with our body in a meditative way. Thus, taking our conscious mind away from our constant internal dialogue and dualistic thinking to relaxed kinaesthetic awareness of our whole body.

Standing Posture

One of the basic but one of the most essential parts of Taiji is the “hanging power” – how to stand correctly utilising the best body structure for optimum efficiency and relaxation to support your head and body while as relaxed as possible while standing. This is also the correct positioning that should be continued throughout the Taiji form movement.


We must take great care of our feet, they support our body every day and as we get older continuing good foot care to ensure we keep good balance and stability is of upmost importance. Within the category of “footwork” the essential part of any martial art is stability and strength by having an extremely good rooted posture and excellent footwork to transition between moves while keeping as rooted as possible. A lot of our strength comes from our feet and legs so it is important to get this right from the start.

Qi Gong Concentration (Meditation)

I believe Taiji should include some elements of Qi Gong – which means “energy work” (or “that which does” work”). This internal practice cultivates our own natural healing mechanism and sustenance, it is also a meditative and highly relaxing practice creating warmth in the body and as they say, nourishing elixir.

Classic TaiJi (Tai Chi) Form

Driven from over 50 years experience, the form that we learn is the culmination of practice from learning from Shaolin monks, Chen style Tai chi and several Kung Fu forms aswell as being lucky enough to have access and study of the ancient classics to interpret the meaning of the text in terms of how to move most effectively. In addition to this our ShiFu Dr YanKwai Leung has researched the potentials reasons of why this exercise can be so beneficial to our wellbeing, attaining a doctorate in Human Energy Research.


Come to our class and practice this for yourself for six week to see if you benefit from the exercises.


Our Classes Could help you improve:


  • Self awareness
  • Balance
  • Relaxed and more efficient standing, walking And sitting
  • More energy and vitality for life
  • Increased confidence
  • Relaxation
  • Reduced joint, lower back pain
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved concentration
  • Sensitivity to those around you and what might be good for you 
  • Reduced desire for toxins – reduction of negative ways to de-stress


The form has martial applications that can be practiced. The increased sensitivity generated by practicing Taiji could help us to be more aware of potentially threatening situations so that we can avoid them...


Always check that you are okay to do exercise with your qualified medical practitioner prior to attending, especially if you have a medical condition.

 Wear loose fitting clothes.


Date & Time: Every Tuesday Evening 8-9pm


Tai Chi Classes Brighton Location: 


Dance studio, Brighton Institute of Comtemporary Theatre Training (BRICTT), Bird Studios, New England Street, BN1 4GW


PRICE: £10/£8 Concessions

£80 for 10 classes.


*: Lineage from my teacher Dr Leung YanKwai PhD, Vice-Chairman of National Internal Medicine (NeiDan) Research, BeJing University (AKA: ShiFu Shi DeLon, 31st Generation Lay Shaolin Monk); and his senior student ShiFu Jason Dean (AKA Shi XingLik, 32nd Generation Lay Shaolin Monk).

Contact Caspar, Brighton beginners classes, if you have any questions on Tel: 07849 890 975, or email brighton[@]daoyogi.co.uk