Earth Element Qi Gong Between Seasons Practice

February Earth Qi Gong Nurturing Energising and Cleansing Stomach and Spleen 

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In the last moon of each season we go back to earth qi gong as our Qi naturally collects in the centre of gravity of our body – the stomach and spleen area.

The earth element is associated with mother nature, receptive, nurturing and transforming of all other elements whether they be Fire, Water, Wood(Wind) or Metal. Earth/stomach meridians could be out of kilter slightly if we nurture others too much without nurturing ourselves enough, eat unhealthy foods at the wrong times or worry a lot about something. If the mind is unsettled or there is particularly emotional stress this can affect the functioning of the stomach. A positive example of this is when we can get “butterflies in our stomach” when we think about meeting someone we love.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine too much worrying, analytical thinking or pensiveness can affect the stomach and spleen. To combat this we should learn techniques such as relaxation response techniques to achieve a more relaxed and contented state of mind, especially before eating. 

As we come out of winter many of us feel sluggish and the after affects of “going inwards” during winter. Our bodies may desire foods during winter that now are not required and could probably do with detoxing from this, gently. In addition to this we may have the requirement to heal any problems we’ve had with our mothers, or more to the point cleanse and energise through any negative traits we may have “taken on “ from our mothers.

A possible indication of mother wounding is the craving of sweet foods – to put the “sweetness back into our lives” - to our earth/mother element - if we didn’t get enough nurturing “sweetness” in our lives when we were younger.

You can work on an emotional and psychological level with this but also work directly with the associated organs – stomach and spleen, to heal the earth element meridians.

In any case, as each external energy of the season starts to change to the next seasonal element the essence or “Qi” goes back to the earth/stomach or centre before it emerges out again into the next element.

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The sequence is winter (water element) merges with earth element at the last full moon of the season then rises out of earth into liver (wood element) for spring.

In Brighton and Hove we will be practicing energising, cleansing and rejuvenating the earth element meridians through the direct method Qi Gong. Click here for details: Brighton and Hove Qi Gong Course - Earth Qi Gong 

The Qi Gong classes will comprise of gentle relaxing warmup and preparation exercises to relax mind and body, connect mind with body so that they are merged and loosen any stiff joints so that blood and Qi can flow effectively.

We then practice the earth gongs – first connecting with the earth element in nature and then using that Qi to energise and then cleanse the stomach meridian. Finally closing down the meridians with an enjoyable self-massage of acu-pressure points for health, lymphatic drainage and circulation.

 The classes often leave one feeling energised and yet relaxed and many students find that they sleep very well and have a very well settled stomach.

 Once you have mastered the exercises in class you can practice this at home until your stomach feels much better. All the direct method gongs also help the rest of the body to heal.

 Do get in touch if you have any questions. 

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