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About Mindful Movement Taiji & Qi Gong Facilitators

Caspar is group leader for Mindful Movement, Taiji & Qi Gong classes. Authorised by his ShiFu - (Master) Dr Leung YanKwai PhD, Vice-Chairman of Internal Medicine (NeiDan) at Beijing University, China AKA Shi DeLon; 31st Generation Lay ShaoLin Monk and ShiFu (Master) Jason Dean AKA Shi Xing Lik; 32nd Generation Lay ShaoLin Monk  to teach Taiji and Qi Gong.

ShiFu’s form derives from over 50 years practice as a martial artist, Daoist Medicine practitioner and Doctorate in Human Energy Research. ShiFu Dr Leung YanKwai has studied with the likes of Chen Zhang Lie (Lineage holder of Chen Village), and twenty years with the monks at the Shaolin Temple in Henan Northern China. ShiFu was ordained at The Shaolin Temple in Henan China by the late Abbot Shi SueXie in 2001 as a Lay Shaolin Monk.

Caspar first met his ShiFu Dr Leung YanKwai in 1997 when he was running a renowned Kung Fu school in London. Caspar practiced Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Chan Meditation until 1999. From 2000 to 2010 Caspar practiced Sivananda Yoga, Raja Yoga, Dristi meditation and eventually an advanced form of Shaivite meditation. This culminated in national newspaper coverage in India writing about Caspar teaching meditation to CEO’s at an Ayurvedic Retreat Centre in Kerala, India. For more information about Caspar's meditation experience click here.

Even after this extensive experience in mediation, Caspar found that meditation alone is not robust enough for today's environment to maintain health and personal development.

Consequently after a gap of nearly ten years Caspar was invited back to see Dr Leung YanKwai and in 2010 took the first lesson in Taiji (Tai Chi) learning Hanging Power and the first move of the Part1 form. The hanging power helped Caspar maintain strength and durability on long climbing trips in the Himalayas in India while the first move of Part1 Taiji Form “open and shut” helped generate Qi (or Chi) quickly.

Today, nearly ten years later, Caspar considers his current Taiji practice the culmination of over 30 years’ experience in meditation by integrating “concentration” into “Guarding the One” in Taiji and daily life....

More detailed information can be found about Caspar's experience with meditation and some of his teachers here. 

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