Brighton Taiji Team Leader Caspar

Caspar teaching meditation in India Newspaper Coverage


[Photo from the article in The New Indian Express interviewing Caspar about his stress reduction strategies for CEO's in the 27th October 2013 edition.]


About Caspar, Beginner's Instructor of Taiji (Tai Chi) in Brightion & Croydon

"The Dao of Heaven & Earth is Initiating & Responding - In Correspondence With This Cultivate Virtue to Sustain All Beings..."

Caspar was Introduced to Theravada Buddhism and Samatha Vipassana meditation in the 1980’s by his Grandfather, Reginald Howes, Secretary of The English Sangha Trust at its inauguration in May 1957. Caspar continued practice including ten-day vipassana, home practice and visits to Buddhist monasteries in the UK.

In 1992 Caspar discovered his passion for the IChing (YiJing) and The Book of Changes. This started his interest in Daoist philosophy and how understanding natural forces and symbology of the human psyche help us to heal and harmonise our lives.

During the 1990’s and early 2000’s Caspar practiced Yoga and meditation. Mostly Iyengar, Sivananda Yoga and Samatha Vipassana (Minduflness) meditation until meeting Dr Leung YanKwai PhD, his current teacher, while he was running a Kung Fu and Qi Gong school in London in 1997, classes of which continue today in London. Caspar Focused his practice on Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Chan Meditation until, in the early 21st Century Caspar spent six months living in an Osho retreat practicing Kundalini, Dynamic and White Brotherhood meditation as well as intense workshops such as the excellent Neo-Reichian Osho Pulsation Therapy, and Drama workshops by the late Ma Mary Jivan.

In 2004, when Caspar launched a spa and retreat website that promoted “Retreats by Donation” he came across an Advaita Hindu-based meditation called Raja Yoga and Dristi meditation (through the Brahma Kumaris). This six-year intensive practice culminated in his involvement promoting the world-wide meditation event Just-A-Minute and facilitating meditation at music events around the UK.

In 2010 Caspar took some more classes with his Kung Fu and Chan Meditation teacher Dr Leung YanKwai PhD in London and took the first lesson in Taiji; learning Hanging Power and the first move of the Part1 form. The hanging power helped Caspar maintain strength and durability on long climbing trips in the Himalayas in India while the first move of Part1 Taiji Form “open and shut” helped generate Qi or Chi very quickly.

By 2012, Caspar’s zest for self-development and the study of philosophy took him to Varanasi, India, where he lived by Shivala Ghat on the river Ganges for a year. Here Naga Baba Ramon Giri, a highly respected renunciate Shaivite yogi, who had not spoken for twelve years, taught Caspar an advanced meditation practice and encouraged him to teach it to others on the Ghats in Varanasi.

This led to some national acclaim in India, getting into the newspapers for teaching CEO’s meditation at an Ayurvedic retreat centre in Kerala – The Ayurvedic Healing Village, where Caspar lived in residence. Caspar continued his travels to Chennai in India and Thailand where he had several life-changing near death experiences. During this time his father became unwell and he returned to the UK to look after his family.

Looking after his father while he was in intensive care for five months and remained in rehabilitation for the following two years; Caspar found that static meditation alone was not robust enough to sustain the body and mind. In 2014 started an in-depth daily routine of DaoYinShu and XingQiShu (AKA:Taiji Quan/Tai Chi Chuan) to increase strength, energy, and confidence to follow his path as a practitioner.

Nearly ten years after his first Taiji class and 30 years regular meditation Caspar is ready to share his practice with the wider public after many requests from friends and family to demonstrate the Taiji and Qi Gong meditative art of health, longevity and self-defence.