The Eseence of Qi: Qi Gong & Tai Chi Retreat for Beginners to Advanced for Inner Harmony & Inner Power...

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Its is said that the best form of joy comes from inner harmony. Inner Joy does not depend on outside desires or influences and is a true treasure. But how do we achieve this?

I can only speak for myself and my students who derive an incredible amount of joy from practicing the Tai Chi and Qi Gong we facilitate, and it is a pure joy to share it...

Pure inner joy, like the sun shining brightly and resonating joy outwards, can only achieved by cleansing and balancing body mind and spirit...


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The ancient sages through the eons of time and across continents developed methodologies based on ancient science, now proven by modern technology*...

One leading lineage of such ancient techniques that have been improved over thousands of years is the Shaolin Temple in Henan China..

In the 1997 I had the honour of training with several Lay Warrior Shaolin monks; the journey continues now that we can share what we have learnt at an inspiring and highly therapeutic retreat in the heart of ancient woodland near Bratislava Slovakia...


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Jason Dean, AKA Shi Xing Lik, a career martial artist since 4 years old; ex-special forces and dedicated student of Shi De Lon AKA ShiFu Tony Leung PhD (31st Generation Lay Warrior Shaolin Monk) since 1992. Quoted by ShiFu as one of his most proficient Qi Gong practitioners after having traveled the world with ShiFu healing hundreds through advanced 5-Animals Spontaneous Qi Gong healing.

The legend of Shi Xing Lik continues...

Meet the man behind the warrior and experience the deep healing opportunities of Qi Gong, expressed through XingQiShu (authentic Spontaneous Five Animals Qi Gong) as well as beginners to advanced DaoYinShu AKA - Tai Chi Quan (TaijiQuan) training sessions.

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The Return

A sacred moment in our personal lives and that of humanity when we see, feel and experience The Return of The Light principle.The forest is quiet in expectation and reverence as the sun arises over the horizon and a new day begins...

Whether you seek inner peace and quiet achieved with Wuiji (nothingness) - the strength through structure and softness of Taiji or the inner power of raising your vibration and wellbeing through outstanding Qi Gong practices or all of these combined! This introductory first of many Inner Harmony, Peace & Power Daoist Medicine Camp will allow you to reach the essence of your being and grow it like a shining star within your own microcosm to shine and resonate in balanced and high vibration to share with all mankind and nature in oneness and inner joy...

Inner joy that is not affected by exterior influences but resonates outwards and effects all with their positive presence...


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The Essence of Qi Retreat Details

What better way to develop, cultivate life force and help your  Dao or Dharmma than a four-day immersive retreat nestled in the heart of an ancient pine forest and clear lake with an exciting schedule of sessions and workshops to inspire your body mind and spirit: 

During this seminal retreat and healing Daoist camp we will develop the process of inner alchemy, inner harmony and inner power...

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We will learn:

  • How to cultivate Qi to cleanse and energise each organ of the body,
  • Cultivate Qi for health and martial application and
  • Learn how to protect ourselves from external influences to
  • Remain steadfast and upright at all times
  • Techniques to relax body mind and spirit
  • Techniques to increase vitality through gentle flowing movement
  • High Integrity Closing Down ability to shut down energy centers
  • Self massage acu-pressure techniques
  • Daoist Body Balancing to remove aches, pains and misalignment

How Will We Learn it?

The theory & Practice of:

  1. TaiChiQuan - the power in the basics of the five essences
  2. Spontaneous Five Animals Qi Gong
  3. The Five Elements Organs Qi Gong
  4. Daoist Body Balancing
  5. Wuji - emptying the mind to infinity

 About the Location

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Biela Skala Resort is nestled in the Biela Skala nature reserve of the Carpathian Mountains in Slovakia in the European Union. This wild nature reserve is the perfect place to practice Qi Gong. Slovakia has long been known for its ancient fir tree forests and excellent fresh air. Once at the resort you will be given a private pass into the nature reserve. You maybe graced with the presence of several breeds of deer, golden eagle and many other fauna and flora indigenous to this region of the historical Carpathian mountains.


The Biela Skala Resort is surrounded by beautiful natural forest of the reserve and has idyllic lake as its center. Many healthy outdoors and indoor activities are available at the resort, detailed below as well as a healthy cuisine offering vegetarian and traditional menu to compliment your exercise and rest routine! 

Extra Activities Available at the Resort:

  • hiking
  • cycling
  • boating
  • water bike
  • paddle board
  • volleyball
  • table-tennis
  • football
  • trampolines
  • recreational fishing

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Example Daily Schedule:

From 3-D to 5-D:

06:15 – 08:00 Morning QiGong at sunrise
08:00 – 09:30 Breakfast
10:00 – 12:30 TaiJiQuan – movements with 13 essences
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch
15:00 – 17:00 XingQiShu
17:00 – 18.00 Spontaneous QiGong – healing and therapy session
18:00 – 19.30 Dinner
20:00 – 22:00 ShiFu Shi XingLik – seminar

    Qi Gong & Tai Chi Retreat Details:


    Location: Biela Skala Resort, Carpathian Mountains, Slovakia

    Dates: 5th September to 8th September 2024 Inclusive.

    Price: £365

    Full Board All Inclusive, all meals (vegetarian gluten free options) and tuition apart from private one-to-one sessions.

    Please book in advance by clicking on this link

    Contact Information: Contact Caspar on tel: +44(0)7542 434 172.

    Price excludes flights or transportation to/from resort.

     Travel Details:

    Biela Skala is approximately 45 KM from Bratislava Airport, Slovakia, within the European Union. Bratislava airport is accessible form most major airports in European or via interconnecting airlines from Vienna Airport in Australia which is a short bus ride away from Bratislava. 

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     Contact Caspar for any questions on Telephone number: +44(0)7542 434 172

    *: Over 72 Random Controlled Scientific Medical studies have showed extremely beneficial results by those who practiced Taiji or Qi Gong in the studies: