About ShiFu Jason

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ShiFu Jason Dean AKA Shi Xing Lik
32nd Generation Lay Shaolin Monk

ShiFu Jason has been practicing martial arts since he was nine years old. After serving in an elite squadron of the armed forces ShiFu Jason graduated with a degree in Health Science, shortly before becoming a personal trainer and health coach.

By 1992, ShiFu Jason was already a senior student of ShiFu Dr Leung YanKwai AKA Shi DeLon; studying Kung Fu, particularly Steelwire Mantis and Qi Gong.

ShiFu Jason continues to be one of ShiFu YanKwai’s most senior students, having dedicated nearly thirty years to specifically study and practice martial arts and Daoist Medicine techniques.

This has culminated, in ShiFu YanKwai’s words of ShiFu Jason “acquiring a high level in ShiXingShu (Qi Gong) Daoist Medicine practice…”

ShiFu Jason continues his work as a TaijiQuan, DaoYinShu (Taiji) and XingQiShu (Qi Gong) practitioner and advanced Daoist Medicine; teaching students and providing one-on-one healing therapies at his Studio in Slovakia.