Masters Demonstration of Breathing, Martial & Soft Level Exercise

Why is Taiji Good for Your Health?

2022 Message: Start as We Mean to Go On:

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"I can give you a Lamborghini but you need to know how to drive it..."


“I had the healing experience of my life. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Caspar, his meditation and retreats to anyone looking to improve their life, whatever their objectives”.

Carole Bridges, UK

It was a great class, I particularly liked the stretches, they helped loosen stiff joints and muscles. It was a relaxed class by an obviously knowledgeable tutor! This was good for a beginner like myself.

Will Armstrong, UK

Caspar is an amazing teacher. What I have learnt has changed my life for the best dramatically! Thank You so much, I continue to be a lifelong student!

Raj Kanani, Spain

I felt completely relaxed from the practice and now I can continue doing it on my own and feel a great improvement that this has done my life!

Mitia, Switzerland