Forest Gong - Harmonising with Heaven, Earth & Nature Connection
Forest Gong - Harmonising with Heaven, Earth & Nature Connection
Forest Gong - Harmonising with Heaven, Earth & Nature Connection

Forest Gong - Harmonising with Heaven, Earth & Nature Connection

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Forest Gong is an immersive, Relaxing, Healing and Energising Experience Connecting with Nature! 

What our Attendees Say:  

“I arrived at The Forest Gong feeling pretty weary and drained, but when I arrived I was warmly welcomed into the group by Caspar, and almost immediately I started to feel re-energised by the movements, which we did to a background of tranquil music. We did a mindful walk up into the forest and there we did qi gong in a beautiful spot in a clearing among trees.

I found myself softening, melting and becoming blissed out with the energy from the trees and with the gentle movements that felt somehow completely in tune with the earth around us. I was re-charged, re-inspired and by the time we finished I was in a completely different frame of mind and heart. A simply wonderful experience!”

By Sally, A Forest Gong Attendee.



Increase Sovereignty by Connecting with Nature & Learning Empowering Energy Healing Techniques


***Relieve Stiff Muscles & Joints

*** Increase your Vitality - Qi or "life Force"

*** Connect with Nature - Connect with Trees & Surroundings

***Increase Oxygenation - Through Basic Breathing in Nature

***Relax Body & Mind - With Dynamic Energising Exercise

***Merge Mind & Spirit with Body

 11am 1st OCTOBER 2023 - Stanmer Park Brighton 

Wear loose fitting natural fibers where possible. 

We practice warm-up, 5-Essence Qi Gong and exercises to open up our energetic connection with nature we then exchange and communicate with the trees. This helps us heal, connect deeply with nature and enjoy the feeling of "being at one with nature" - beginners welcome.


Date & Time:

11am 1st October 2023

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Concessions available, contact: 07849 890 975 for further information.

Duration: Approximately one and a half to two hours or more depending on weather and depth of training required for the group. 

Location: Stanmer Park, Brighton, Main Entrance MEET: NEXT TO THE KIDS PLAY AREA OPPOSITE THE CAFE BY THE MAIN ENTRANCE 11AM. Call: TEL: 07849 890 975 if you cannot see us when you arrive.

Parking: Parking is available to the left or right just inside the entrance for £1.50 for two hours.

 Public Transport:

Bus service 77 to Devil’s Dyke runs hourly every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday. Service 78 to Stanmer Park runs hourly on weekends and bank holidays. The park is also very near to Falmer Railway Station. Use the subway under the A27 to get to the park.  More information about the park and travelling there can be found here:

Please ensure you can practice gentle exercise by checking with your qualified medical professional before attending classes.