Enlightenment Doesn’t Exist Or Is Permanent Enlightenment Possible While in a Physical Body?

What is Enlightenment & is it Possible on a Permanent Basis?

is permanent enlightenment possible

The Buddhists believe in merging with sunyata – the void space; and becoming one with emptiness and the universe. The Brahmins perceive unity with Brahma and our awareness, the eternal light and the Daoists believe the truth lies in-between action and non-action, or being in flow with change, can they all be right?

If consciousness merges with void what is aware of this merging? And if One merges with the light what is aware of this merging? If you still know you are you, and are aware of self witnessing is that really true Samadhi which leads to Jivamukti?

Could I postulate that if one becomes one with the universe whether it be the void or actuality (divine light), that complete merging, the removal of all subject and object would mean that there will be no “Awareness” to witness this merging? This doesn’t mean to say that you are not conscious of it, just that you may not be able to reflect upon it, as there is no subject/object. You may be conscious of being completely merged, in fact many believe that universal light, and universal void space are conscious energies and that when our “soul” or pure awareness, self awareness, merges with it that is when we are enlightened. My question is how can this be possible permanently while living in the materialistic dualistic world and physical body.

Only when you reflect upon the experience afterwards (as long as you are back in dualistic normal reality) would you be able to say “wow I was completely merged there!” The silent witness, your pure awareness is still the subject witnessing the object.

Which begs the question, is it possible to be permanently enlightened within a physical body? If the answer is yes what would it be like to be merged permanently while in a physical body? No subject/object just purely merged in the light, or the void, or the space between the two….

How could this be possible? How could a human being go about his daily “chop wood carry water” routine and live completely non-dualistically and in permanent Samadhi merging the inside with the outside, self with other, so there is no differentiation? What would that be like?

This matter is hotly discussed between Advaita (nondualist) philosophers and Shivaite practitioners from the Hindu lineage. Many believe that you can only attain full liberation upon leaving the physical body while others believe there is a complete merging with Shiva – the emanation of creation - while in the physical body, but how does one live like that?

The Buddhists, generally, believe the end of suffering and desire is enlightenment and/or becoming a Buddha by merging in a higher vibration of the oneness of the universe (but possibly with an existing intellect to reflect upon the experience and to function in the material universe), and staying in the physical body to help others attain enlightenment as in the Bodhisattva ideal.


Maybe enlightenment does not exist because normal existence is only our perception, our “skandas” (this is Buddhist Pali term roughly translated as “conditional perceptions” that make up our sense of “I” namely, thought forms and sensations that create imprints on our mind) then when we drop our “experience” our so called subjective self, what is left? Nothing? But again how do you know, you are witnessing nothing, who is witnessing this nothing? Maybe it is an eternal paradox between the subject and the object, awareness merging with object and fluxing back into witnessing object in the eternal dance of duality and non-duality, the weave and the loom, moon and water, normal consciousness simply being a reflection like that on the surface of a lake, while the whole mind is like the depths below.

Is our connection is always there, our Bodhi or highest awareness is always connected to one another and the divine but we just need to tune into it?

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Maybe “enlightenment” is not a destination? Maybe a glimpse is only in the here and now by being present in the moment. Open, with a clear mind, witnessing, rooted to the earth while connected to the cosmic ebb and flow of the celestial bodies like, heaven, earth and one in the middle… Forever evolving, shifting through time and space. Open hearted connection, having compassion, seeking unity, sustainability and peace, what is more than wishing to cultivate a clear and calm mind to help others and sustain oneself ethically?

The term “5-D” has been gaining momentum, particularly in the last few years. Awakening, having clarity of thought, enlightenment and “raising your vibration” and being in a state of sustainable harmony with nature and the universe, in short, a new Golden Age are all synonymous with being in “5-D”.

It seems to be a natural evolution of humanity - especially now as many claim, astrologically, that we have entered the Aquarian age - to transcend materialistic greed, be at peace with one another and put back more than what we take out of Gaia, our mother earth. But how does one achieve this?

Many gurus and scriptures talk about changing the world by changing ourselves, changing our whole state of being, the world will change, especially considering that our perception is guided by our conditioning…

In our school we start with the basics as we believe we need a solid footing and root connected to the earth to be like a mountain and reach up to the heavens. For many part of the path seems to learning the wrong way first, only working with the mind, higher consciousness and the gateways to higher dimensions without a solid root can lead to “being too much in your head”, egoism, spiritual bypassing, mental illness and lack of manifesting TRUTH or more virtuous ways of being on the physical plane.

This is why we work from the bottom up in terms of energy and the top down in terms of detoxing (as that seems to be the natural way our body usually detoxs). Many spiritual and religious groups profound though they are usually find favour with those needing support in culty behavoiur, who need a crutch rather than face their demons, allow their students to simply work on their higher energy centres. This can lead to some blissful experiences but eventually we all have to come down to earth.

Working with the body by relaxing and aligning body with mind, tuning in and balancing the vibration, which could be deemed as “spirit” or electro-magnetic field one can become truly rooted to the earth while purifying body and mind gently to first off be relaxed, balanced and as healthy as possible.

Then when the energy levels rise and the channels open there are less blockages that can cause uncomfortable awakening experiences. These can be part of the detox, unblocking the channels as they awake, and for some this is a path, however the more enjoyable is gently grounding, relaxing, balancing then energising and connecting heaven and earth. This has innumerable health benefits, as energy is not subject to time and some small thing of Guarding The One, self-defence for you and your family…

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