Exercises to Relive a Stiff Neck - Video Tutorial

videos of exercises to relieve stiff neck


Exercises For Text Neck & Tech Neck


Most of us suffer from a stiff neck or shoulders at some point. Especially if we are spending long periods of time either on the computer or gazing at our smart phone. Text neck and tech neck are common terms used to describe this, but we can also get a stiff neck from incorrect sleeping positions, lifting heavy objects or incorrect posture.


If your stiff neck continues for more than a few days, you should always contact your qualified medical professional to try to ascertain the cause. If your neck is suffering from a lot of pain or soreness be careful when doing any exercises. Always start slow, doing possibly just one of each type of exercise with a rest in-between to see how your neck feels. If you have any sort of neck injury you should not do any exercises without clear direction from your specialist.


That said, if you just have a sore neck from general computer use there are many remedial exercises available to you that you could practice at home. Finding just a couple of minutes two or three times a day to relieve a sore neck can help your concentration and ease tense muscles from the stresses and strains of our daily digital or physical routine.


The following exercises should be practiced very slowly and with care. Always sit upright and relax for a few moments firs Take a few nice deep abdominal breaths before you start. If you have not done any of these exercises before start going half-way first. Just go for half of the range of motion shown in the videos. Always keep your jaw relaxed and shoulders loose where possible. Remember to keep breathing throughout the exercises.


The best benefit of these exercises can be obtained from also doing shoulder exercises after you have gently exercised the neck muscles.


If you have any pre-existing medical condition its always good to consult with your qualified medical professional before conducting any exercises.


Exercise to Relieve Stiff Neck 1



 2nd Stretch to Relieve Neck Ache



The above neck exercises are warm up exercises in our mindful movement sessions. In our full sessions we warm up every joint mindfully and then go on to practice some vitalising dynamics exercises and Tai Chi. If you would like to learn more neck, shoulder, lower back/hip exercises or relaxation techniques, Tai Chi/Qi Gong do get in touch via our contact form or give our lead facilitator a call on +44(0)7542 434172.


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If you need further information regarding a stiff neck do go to the NHS website:



 Disclaimer: Students use these videos at their own risk.