I Was Shocked by What Happened When I Stopped Practicing Taiji for a Week!

After practicing for more than one hour every weekday for more than four years I thought I’d stop for a week to see if there were any changes to my usual self.

I was quite surprised to find the following changes:


  • Craving for Sugar Returned (I was a sugar addict until I practiced a lot of Taiji)


  • More tired form work and other exercise


  • Less good quality sleep, waking up less energised than when practicing Taiji and require more sleep.


  • The feeling of the need for sexual contact increases – desire/attachment increases as apposed to feeling content in the moment


  • More stressed – concerned with the future & not living in the present as much – less resilience to stress


  • Less of a feeling of being “connected” to nature and/or my “path”


  • When I move, walk or do anything I don’t feel that I flow so much


  • Generally, less “happy”, less in a constant state of “flow” and enjoyment for what each moment brings.


These things may not seem like much, but believe me, my quality of life feels a lot lower than just over a week ago!

Plus, when I am practicing meditative movement, Taiji and Qi Gong for over two hours a day I feel amazing!!

But practicing hardly at all I am quite shocked by the very noticeable, extra cravings, more sleep required and less vitality or energy to do things!


I’m getting back to my routine of one-hour every morning!


I think it makes a difference when you do practice as well, practicing early in the morning sets you for the day and in the evening gentler exercises helps you to relax in the evening and get better quality sleep.

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