Jing The Gate of Life Qi Gong to Stay Confident & Energised

Brighton Qi Gong Class for Beginners


The Kidney’s in Chinese medicine are responsible for our energy production and closely located to the area where our essential Jing energy is stored. It is also said that the kidneys hold the balance and texture of Yin and Yang for all the other organs. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the balance and correct functioning of our organs relies on effective balance and vitality of our kidneys.

Jing Qi is our essential life force energy that is given to us at conception, it’s our inherited and Heavenly given energy. The main location of Jing Qi, “Dan”, or “area of Qi” is located approximately three/four inches above the pelvis in the centre of the lower back as the image below demonstrates. In Chinese it is MingMen – The Gate of Life.

 Kidney Qi Gong classes brighton

Certainly, when I started working on this area, the extra energy, vitality, confidence, and positivity I got from training this Kidney Qi Gong proved to me that this area is The Gate of Life! Energising this area with Qi Gong practice could also be excellent for virility and developing healthier bladder & kidneys.

Imagine if these Gongs could remove fear, anxiety, lack of motivation, alleviate depression and procrastination! If the practice can be continued the extra vitality, confidence and general wellbeing received from the effort of keeping up the practice is just amazing!

According to most Qi Gong practitioners most of us have depleted kidney qi to one level or another. Our modern lifestyles of alcohol, late nights, external pollution and especially these days with a lot of fear and anxiety around, it’s our kidneys that require the most love and support.

One of my 32nd Generation ordained Lay Warrior Shaolin Monk teachers showed me these techniques and I have not looked back ever since!

“I had the energy of more than ten years ago, my confidence improved exponentially and even my procrastination had disappeared after practicing the Kidney Gong exercises a few times a week for six weeks. When I kept it going it got even better!”

Once one has developed to a stage where one has an awareness of “Qi” and cleared many of the meridians which the qi travels through, i.e., healed a lot of blockages associated with emotional and physical issues, one can start to develop internal Qi awareness necessary to energise and heal the kidney qi.

The essential building blocks of life is “energy,” electro-magnetic fields, whether it be heat, infra-red, sound, or other more subtle natural EMF, it’s what holds the universe together and helps create solid matter.

Working with the Qi (here is an article about “What is Qi?”) you can help transform conditions at the subtle level, utilising the building blocks of life, beyond physical matter. It is also far better to practice preventative health practices to increase vitality, wellbeing, and positive states of mind. Utilising herbal medicine, or other “external medicine” or WeiDan, especial herbs, can have side effects, so again it is better to work with the building blocks of health, your Qi, first, if possible, to maintain and improve health like many of the control studies show for Qi Gong exercises.

Working deeply with the Kidney Qi also clears the mind! The extra Qi cultivation improves mental function and creates a wonderfully clear mind! This relates to the traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) understanding of the element of the organs. Working with the water Qi of the Kidneys helps balance the Fire element of the heart and mind.


Once the Kidney Gong has been developed an excellent predecessor to circulating the Micro-Cosmic orbit (see my article about this here) is cultivating “The Little Heaven” 3-point circulation. This is circulating Qi round your DanTien (Abdomen) to Perineum and then onto MingMen (Gate of Life situated in the lower back).


This is wonderful Qi Gong which can create blissful states like an orgasm and very healing to both the lower abdomen and mind. The exercise seems to clear the mind and creates Wuji (emptiness or void meditative space).



Our Brighton QiGong class, every Thursday between 6-7pm, is hosting a 5-session Water Kidney Jing Gong Course for five Thursdays from 23rd November to 21st December at Brighton's central Church and grade 2 listed building; St Michael's Church Hall, entrance on St Michael's Place, Brighton Book now for 4 consecutive sessions to learn how to practice this essential Qi Gong routine at home and save £20!