Why Private Qi Gong or Tai Chi Lessons Could be Better for the Students?

why one to one tai chi is better qi gong

There are benefits to attending a group Tai Chi class;  the culmination of energy in a group doing synchronised qi gong cultivates a greater vibe for all to enjoy the healing benefits.

However, if you are looking to progress in your Taiji or Qi Gong practice faster, a private one to one lesson might be right for you.  In a private one to one class, you will be able to work on your specific goals and any issues you are experiencing such as back-pain, stress, aching joints or a whole range of conditions.

Taiji and Qi Gong, especially in combination, has demonstrated positive results from hundreds of controlled clinical studies for many ailments and improving heart and lung function, stress reduction blood flow and improved wellbeing overall*.

If you would like to focus on improving your wellbeing on many levels a private one to one lesson could rocket fuel your development. Having specific goals that you are aiming to achieve through practicing Taiji, and Qi Gong is extremely useful. Aside from possibly removing ailments and some conditions Taiji & Qi Gong is excellent in helping one to develop morally, spiritually and in fact in every area of your life.

If one of your goals is to improve confidence, increase sensitivity of the body and mind for self-defence, or increased empathy if you are a carer or healer, working in private tuition sessions can focus on the exact goals and methods for you. As a unique individual, we all learn in different ways and access information via different methodologies…

The most important question is, what would you like to improve in your life? You may be surprised how Taiji, and Qi gong could help. Practicing these exercises with attention to your intention, learning to relax first and utilising the spiralling movement of Taiji; as well as the cleansing and energising qualities of Qi Gong can have an amazing effect in every area of your life.

Working with a qualified practitioner, one-to-one, can work as deeply or as superficially (external muscle groups) as you wish. Whether you are looking to develop your energetic, philosophical, metaphysical, or physical practice working with a teacher you resonate with can go a long way to awakening, or maybe just help you remove aches and daily stresses…

With private classes the teacher can show you the way, and with packages to offer of weekly or daily training the practitioner can help you work through the process but the more you put in, such a training every day, the more benefits you will feel, sometimes in areas you never expected…


January is the perfect time to develop and work on a Taiji & Qi Gong routine that works for you so that you start the year powerfully and grow exponentially through spring and summer, the months of detoxing and rapid growth!




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Over 72 Random Controlled Scientific Medical studies have showed the following results by those who practiced Taiji or Qi Gong in the studies: