Eight Silk Brocade Qi Gong Outdoors in Brighton

Learn the Best Known and Most Respected Qi Gong Sequence in Brighton

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 In Brighton, St Anne's Wells Gardens, every Thursday 6-7pm from 6th July to 24th July consecutive outdoor sessions - you are welcome to join us for a drop-in or join all sessions to master the Eight Silk Brocade so that you can  practice this excellent sequence at home...

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Out of over 10,000 styles of QiGong the Eight Silk Brocade is attributed to be the best sequence for health, wellbeing and longevity for beginners in QiGong to practice.

This gentle exercise combines meditative movement with deep breathing that stimulates every organ, the triple burner, conception and governing vessels as well as toning and strengthening muscles and tendons. Let alone the small benefits of feeling relaxed and yet energised afterwards and a good nights sleep!

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Here is a clients reveiw of our Eight Silk Brocade Classes:

 "Over the last two weeks I've been learning the 8 silk brocade with Caspar. I love the sequence and exercises which are both calming and energising. This is a sequence which I can practice easily at home...Caspar is a great teacher and his classes have been so helpful in my health recovery journey this year" Serena, Qi Gong client.


The benefits of the Eight Silk Brocade Qi Gong Movements:

  1. Increased Oxygenation
  2. Increased blood flow
  3. Stimulation of all major organ meridians
  4. Relaxation
  5. Clear calm mind
  6. Embodiment
  7. Balancing Triple Burner energy centres
  8. Improved chance of longevity with regular practice
  9. Increaed flexibility
  10.  Remove stiff muscles and joints
  11. Balance Yin/Yang Qi and reduce heart fire
  12. Cultivating and unifying with Heavenly & Earthly Qi to harmonise and heal

This specific method of Qi Gong has been handed down for over a 1,000 years by practitioners who claim this is one of the best exercises for health and longevity...

 First Minutes in the below video are two of the eight silk brocade form exercises:

Come along for a drop-in session to try this sequence of Qi Gong or reserver your 4-sessions now and save £20! Click here to reserve your four sessions booking discount.


St Anne's Wells Gardens, Brighton.

Meet Opposite the front entrance of the cafe in the gardens on the grass at 6pm. Please arrive a few minutes early if this is your first session with us.

Time: 6pm - 7pm Every Thursday.

Date: Every Thursday until further notice. Classes will continue outdoors every Thursday until the weather is too cool, usually late September. The classes will postpone if the weather is unsuitable - heavy rain or high winds/thunder storm. Please text your mobile number to: 07849 890 975 to be added to the Whatsapp group.


Just £40 for 4 consecutive classes. Saving £20.

Drop-in class is £15 per session.

Concessions available upon request.

Please book in advance by clicking here:

Drop-in class is £15 per session.



Please ensure you are able to practice gentle exercise prior to attending class with a qualified medical professional especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Wear loose fitting natural fibers where possible.


Contact the course organiser if you have any questions or requirements on Tel: 07849 890 975.