Quick Methods for Therapists & Healers to Discharge Energy, Ground & Re-Charge

Are You a Healer, Therpaist Masseur or Light Worker?

How do you you Energetically Detox from Your Clients?

As a sensitive person who has been a practitioner for more than 35 years I am aware that simply walking past someone on the street can absorb some energy that I need to detox from.

And whether you feel it or not it is happening.

No matter what protection techniques you apply there will always be a level of transference*.  It is accepted in modern medicine as something important to be aware of. Of course this happens massively on an energetic level on a day to day basis but in a therapy session it can occur emotionally, mentally and energetically.

There is always an exchange of energy occurring even on a minute level between human beings.


As a therapist or healer working with many clients on a day to day basis:

How do you discharge energy?

How do you transcend thought forms projected?

How do you remove emotional energy transferred?

If we are perpetually resonating outwards from our hearts in heart centered awareness we can resonate outwards more than we take in: we can develop this practice - we can achieve this heart centered resonance more consistently with practice, but still transference occurs.

One of the benefits of being a long term martial arts practitioner enables me to understand self defense from an energetic point of view as well as understanding how to "defend" against the various exchanges between humans, especially as an energy healing practitioner through the Alchemy of shamanic and authentic lineage QiGong.

Join us online or in person for an informal discussion on what a therapists needs to heal, ground, discharge and reload to refine your effectiveness to keep healthy energised and centered.


Initially there will be a taster session and then four subsequent sessions developing the practice to discover:

  • The best energetic cleansing techniques
  • How to keep centered
  • Quick techniques to discharge energy
  • Quick techniques to re-energise between clients
  • How to keep grounded
  • How to nurture your energy and keep it inside rather than disipating
  • How to let go and prepare for the next client


If we progress to more in-depth techniques we can develop techniques such as:

  • Discharging energy onto inanimate objects
  • Advanced cleansing techniques
  • Advanced consciousness and physical protection techniques
  • Shamanic detxoification processes





*: Transference in therapy is the act of the client unknowingly transferring feelings about someone from their past onto the therapist. Freud and Breuer (1895) described transference as the deep, intense, and unconscious feelings that develop in therapeutic relationships with patients. They analyzed transference in order to account for distortions in a client’s perceptions of reality.

Source: https://positivepsychology.com/countertransference-and-transference/