Tai Chi Sanderstead South Croydon Surrey by DaoYogi Taiji Croydon


Would you like to learn easy to do exercises that help you to relax, increase vitality, relieve stiff muscles and joints, increase flexibility and improve blood flow? Come along to our fun and friendly Tai Chi class in Croydon at a beautiful studio in leafy South Croydon.

The exercises we will practice are intended to empower you to practice them at home. Just a few minutes of these exercises every day - as taught by Lay Warrior Shaolin Monks and developed from thousands of years of practice - could change your life in every way as it it for me!

I was a long term meditators with over 35 years experience in meditation. After returning from teaching meditation in India I had a few health conditions so I returned to my original martial arts teacher and started practicing Tai Chi - a form of "Mindful Movement" - and within a few months I was feeling 200% better. 

My passion is sharing what I practice that helped me and many other people. The exercises we will practice have been attributed to improve:

  • Relaxed Concentration
  • Flow-State
  • Blood Flow
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Supple Joints
  • Confidence
  • Healthy Hormone Release such as Endorphins
  • Oxygenation of the body
  • Deeper Connection to Body & Mind
  • Leading a Balanced Lifestyle
  • Reduced Need for Addictive Substances Such as Sugar


Further information regarding the scientific evidence of the benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gong can be found by clicking on this link: Scientific Evidence of the Benefits of Taiji & Qi Gong. This is a study of 77 published Random Controlled Trials researching general improved health, cardiovascular health, prevention of falls, physical function, Parkinson's disease, bone density, psychological function, reduction of depression, grip strength, Improved Immune system function and many more. 


If you have any questions regarding our classes or this information do get in touch via our contact number: 07542 434 172.


Class Details:

Date: Sunday 26th June 11am to 12pm

Location: Studio 39, 39 Chapel View, Sanderstead, South Croydon, Surrey, CR2 7LG. Google Pin: https://goo.gl/maps/bcGURpixicX5vGyV7

Its a beautiful location with a new clean and airy practice studio at the rear of the house. If the weather is good we may practice outside on the grass or in the nature reserve at the back of the house for cultivating that extra Qi from nature! 


Driving: PLEASE park on the main road not on the track up to the house and studio to ensure access by car to the main house.


Public Transport.

Connect from anywhere in London and the south east by getting the train to East Croydon train station and then a short bus or tram ride as per below:

64 Bus - as sort ride from East Croydon Train Station

466 Bus - Also from East Croydon

Tramlink - Tram available from many destinations in South London to Coombe Lane with a ten minute walk to Studio 39.

Price: £15 for drop-in or £45 for four consecutive classes.

Booking: Please click on the "Buy Now" button below to reserve your place or contact 07542 434 172 for the consecutive booking discount.

Wear loose fitting natural clothing where possible.

Always consult with a qualified medical practitioner to ensure you can practice gentle exercise.


I look forward to training with you!


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