Free World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Event in Brighton & Hove East Sussex UK by taoyogi


We at Taoyogi Taiji, Qi Gong & Mindful Movement are excited to announce our participation in the international synchronised World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day!

We will be doing the gentle therapeutic movement of Tai Chi & Qi helping to send a collective wave of health and peace round the world!

Come and join us at St Augustines Arts & Events Centre in the Altar Space on the 27th April 2024 at 10am for this free of charge,  Tai Chi  share in this worldwide synchronised phenomenon for health peace and longevity!


The FREE Tai Chi event starts at 10am on the 27th April in every timezone round the world - we will all be practicing with thousands of other members of the public who get together to celebrate the health benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gong to practice together and create a huge wave of healing and meditational energy round the world!

The first time zone to start will be at 10am in New Zealand then throughout the world at 10am until the final event in Hawaii!

World Tai Chi Day website: 

Tai Chi can be practiced by most people, young or old, with varying abilities and mobility. Tai chi can be practiced sitting down or lying down too!

Everyone is welcome to join us at this all inclusive international event!




Tai Chi (AKA Taiji) has a huge range of health benefits proven* to have  a positive therapeutic effect on literally hundreds of conditions let alone improving lung, capacity, relaxation response, increased flexibility, balance and confidence: 

  1. Deeper breathing and bigger lung capacity
  2. Increased blood flow
  3. Stimulation of all major organ meridians
  4. Relaxation
  5. Clear calm mind
  6. Embodiment
  7. Balancing Triple Burner energy centers
  8. Improved chance of longevity with regular practice
  9. Increased flexibility
  10. Remove stiff muscles and joints
  11. Balance Yin/Yang Qi and reduce heart fire
  12. Cultivating and unifying with Heavenly & Earthly Qi to harmonise and heal
  13. Extra Vitality
  14. Learn to Relax standing, sitting and walking
  15. Remove aches and pains and stiff joints
  16. Improve confidence
  17. Learn an internal martial art
  18. Merge mind with body - BE embodied!
  19. Improve concentration
  20.  BE in flow more often during your daily activities
  21.  Learn techniques that can change your life in every way.
  22.  Learn techniques for fast preventative and remedial wellbeing*
  23.  Healthy Hormone Release such as Endorphins
  24.  Reduced Need for Addictive Substances Such as Sugar

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing preferably of natural fibers. Always consult with a medical practitioner to ensure you are okay to do gentle exercise.

DATE: 10am Saturday 27th April 2024

LOCATION: St Augustines Arts & Events Centre, Stanford Avenue, Brighton, BN1 6EA


Google Location Pin:


COST: Free Event

EMAIL: Please email [brighton]

TELEPHONE: 07849 890 975

To confirm your free place and answer any questions you may have please email or telephone.


*: A compilation of over 72 random controlled clinical scientific trails provided the following outstanding results:


The 9 outcome category groupings that emerged are:

1.bone density (n=4),

2.cardiopulmonary effects (n=19),

3.physical function (n=16), falls,

4.balance and related risk factors (n=23),

5.quality of life (n=17),

6.self-efficacy (n=8),

7.patient reported outcomes (n=13),

8.psychological symptoms (n=27),

9.immune- and inflammation-related responses (n=6).

Within each category of outcomes, both Qigong and Tai Chi interventions represented.

Further information regarding this compilation of random controlled clinical trials into the efficacy of Tai Chi & Qi gong can be found by clicking here.


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