Forest Qi Gong Croydon 11am Saturday 7th May 2022 Parkhill Park, Croydon

Forest Qi Gong Croydon 11am Saturday 7th May 2022 Parkhill Park, Croydon

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Beginners Welcome to Connect With Nature and Rejuvenate! Everyone can feel the benefit of nature especially during and after mindful movement and deep breathing techniques proven over thousands of years of practice. Wear loose fitting clothing appropriate for the weather on the day.

*** Increase your #Vitality - Qi or "life Force"
*** Connect with #Nature - Connect with Trees & Surroundings
***Increase #Oxygenation - Through Basic Breathing in Nature
***Relax Body & #Mind - With Dynamic Energising Exercise


We practice warm-up, 5-Essence Qi Gong/Tai Chi as taught by 31st generation Lay Warrior Shaolin Monks and Vice-Chairman National Grade II Internal (NeiDan) Daoist Medicine at Bejing University, China.

Exercises are designed to cultivate Qi (life force) from heaven and earth for healing and connection with nature. This helps us enjoy the feeling of "being at one with nature" - beginners welcome.


Duration: 1 1/2 - 2 hours 

Location Meeting Point: Park Hill Park, Just inside main entrance on the corner of the Fairfield Path/Barclay Road. As per below image and Google Pin:


croydon qi gong meeting point parkhill park 29th may

Location Google Pin: 

Time & Date: 11am-Saturday 7th May 2022

Please arrive a little early

Contact: Onetr8be @07542 434172 on Telegram

Note: Class will reschedule if there is heavy rain or high wind. Please text your name and confirmation to 07542 434172 to keep up to date with weather.

TEL: 07542 434172

 Price: £20

Parking: Parking is available both on Fairfield Pond and around other entrances to the park.


Public Transport: East Croydon train station (fifteen minutes from Victoria or London Bridge in central London) is ten minutes walk away and many buses are available arriving at East Croydon Train station.

Ensure you are okay to practice gentle exercise by consulting your qualified medical practitioner before attending class. Wear loose fitting clothing.


Please Book ASAP to reserve your place, spaces are limited and we work on a first come first served basis.