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To keep well and healthy should be our number 1 priority. But how do we keep healthy? There are many different ways to keep healthy naturally, the one that has working the best for me is Taiji & QiGong. These methodologies are older than our modern healthcare system and have been proven to be effective by many scientific randon controlled trails*.

Apart from fully relaxing and exercise, the enviroment in which you live is extremely important. This is something you must ensure is as good as possible. Apart from this we can help you to learn effective techniques with the aim to keep relaxed, energised and a supple body.

Qi Gong is one of the main healing arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), together with acupressure/acupuncture, herbal medicine and Feng Shui. The beauty of TCM is that it remains a complete holistic health system that has been handed down over thousands of years with written records of evidence and methods.

In our martial arts and health school we believe in using as much natural medicine as possible. By natural medicine we mean "internal medicine" or NeiDan as it is known in the east, that is created within the body when we practice Taiji, QiGong and acupressure massage. We also believe that to utilise natural health life force and our own internal medicine (for example triggering a healing reaction through QiGong by stimulating the master glands to start the healing process) is preferred even to using "external" or WeiDan medicines such as herbal formulae.

Qi Gong works on the primal energy source to cultivate healthy "Qi" to circulate freely round the body... This also aids the flow of blood which is crucial for healing throughout the body. Stiffness, lack of movement or range of motion can prevent blood and Qi flow so its crucial to keep exercising and a supple body. "Qi" in our school means "That which does" - essentially any biochemical, mechanical and electro-magnetic stimulation in the body and energy filed that assists the healing an balancing process. For a deeper meaning of the phrase "QiGong" please see the article here: "What is Qi Gong".

Our Qi Gong classes aim to help one to learn empowering self development in terms of skills that you can practice at home to keep healthy, relaxed and content - whatever is going on outside of ones-self.

We would recommend starting at the beginning:

1. Learn simple exercsies to relax body, mind and the main joints.

2. Cultivate a sense of your own "Qi".

3. Practice to develop your concentration to focus Qi movement and development.

4.  Learn the most important and effective Qi Gong moves - sequenced movement with breathing and intention - to cultivate more oxygenation of the body and increase "life force". Practice this enough to perform competently at home.

5. Learn the Five Element 5 Main Organ Qi Gongs to stimulate, cleanse and energise each main organ and learn when to know which organ to stimulate according to sensations and the time of year.

Do come along to try a few sessions to see how you feel afterwards, the main benefits are, but not limited to:

1. Increased relaxation

2. More relaxed muscles and tendons

3. Better quality sleep

4. Increased balance of mental state and emotions

5. Clearer mind

6. More supple body and easing of joint pain

7. Better general sense of wellbeing


Book an introductory 4 sessions for Beginners Qi Gong in Brighton by clicking "add-to-Cart" and following the booking process to confirm your place.


*: RCTs (Random Controlled Trials) reporting on the results of Qigong or Tai Chi interventions and published in peer reviewed journals published from 1993–2007:

Over 72 Random Controlled Scientific Medical studies have showed the following results by those who practiced Taiji or Qi Gong in the studies: