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The Mindful Movement of Wellbeing at Work in the Home or Office


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The culmination of over 33 years’ experience as a mindfulness meditation practitioner combined with over 20 years’ experience in business has led me to develop ground-breaking techniques for improving workspace wellbeing.


The combination of mindful movement, deep breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration practice enables you and your team to grow more harmoniously with the right intention.


Whether your teams or individual workers are located remotely or in the office Mindful Movement can create the wellbeing package both in person and online to cater for a wide variety of personal and professional requirements.



 1. Desk Relief + Live Sessions + Videos for Practice 


Exercise: Easy to learn 15 – 45 minute basic remedial stretches.

Aim: Relieve neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Relieve tension, increase blood flow and improve posture while aiming to obviate the stresses of sitting at a desk for long periods.

Description: Basic exercises most people can do to keep the body relaxed and flexible. These movements may also relieve back, neck and shoulder pain and strains while potentially helping to maintain a better range of motion in the joints. Sitting and standing exercises.



2. “Guarding The One*1 ” Relaxation Response & Focus + Live Sessions + Videos for Study 


Exercise:  Practices that help us to relax - recommended by forward thinking doctors*1.

Aim: Reduce stress, develop healthy resting heart-rate, calm the parasympathetic nervous system, clear the mind to think more clearly, reduce anxiety, acceptance of the present moment.

Description: Guided short relaxation exercises similar to Vipassana Meditation (which leads to mindfulness) but more focused and concentration orientated to take the mind away from thoughts, connect more deeply with the body and let go of stressful processes.




3. MINDFUL MOVEMENT - Tai Chi*1  [AKA: Taiji, authentic XingQiShu & DaoYinShu] + Live Sessions + Videos for Practice 


Exercise: slow movement with relaxed concentration attributed to achieve a wide range of health benefits*2.

Aim: Improve many areas of health including relaxed concentration, better sleep, increasing vitality, improved body mind connection (somatic practice), de-stressing the mind, improved posture and relief from many aches and pains associated with office work.

Description: Meditative movement is an excellent form of exercise to increase vitality, connect body with mind and relax whilst improving awareness. The sessions start with loosening and focusing exercises and develop into the excellent “five essences” of movement followed by the Taiji form which can improve many facets of the body, mind and emotions.




 4. Qi Gong*2 For Health & Vitality Live Sessions + Videos fro Practice


Exercise: Deep breathing and gentle movement.

Aim: Increase oxygenation, stimulate hormones to trigger self-healing and utilise our own body’s natural system for improved wellbeing and better sleep.

Description: Qi Gong has been long held to have many benefits for the body, mind and spirit. It has a firm place in society as a gentle deep breathing moving exercise that many find easier to do than yoga as the poses are not complicated and its suitable for all ages.



5. One-to-one Consultations


Exercise: Any of the above practices depending on the personal requirement of the student. The exercise will be tailored to the students' personal development. Psychological tools can also be employed for decision strategy and self knowledge for improved wellbeing.

Aim: One-to-One sessions help you to learn faster. A one on one class can focus on improving what the recipient would like to develop most. This includes learning exercises that help release stress and tension in the body or improved mental concentration as well as personal development of the mind body and spirit.

Description: A One-to-One session or programme of sessions is designed to help you progress faster by focusing on your requirements. The sessions are tailored to how your body and mind moves and looks to improve weaknesses while enjoying the areas where you are strong. The personalised sessions are a great sounding-board for your development within a workspace.




Classes and private consultations can be performed in person, online or video delivery to suit your company's or team's protocols.




Try our Mindful Movement TASTER Sessions Call Now on Telephone Number: +44(0)7542 434172

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Scientific Study References:


*1:  Dr Herbert Benson MD is the Director Emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine and Mind Body Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. He is the author or co-author of more than 180 scientific publications and twelve books.

Dr. Benson is a pioneer in mind body medicine, one of the first Western physicians to bring spirituality and healing into medicine. In his 40+ year career, he has defined the relaxation response and continues to contribute to research into its efficacy in counteracting the harmful effects of stress. Dr. Benson’s work extends from the laboratory to the clinic to Asian field expeditions and serves as a bridge between medicine and religion, East and West, mind and body, and belief and science.




*2: RCTs (Random Controlled Trials) reporting on the results of Qigong or Tai Chi interventions and published in peer reviewed journals published from 1993–2007:

Over 72 Random Controlled Scientific Medical studies have showed the following results by those who practiced Taiji or Qi Gong in the studies:




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*2: The Effect of Qigong Exercise on Immunity and Infections: A Systematic Review of Controlled Trials

The available evidence appears to suggest that Qi Gong exercise may improve both cell-mediated immunity and antibody response in immune system, but it is still unclear whether or not the improvement of immune function is sufficient to provide definitive protection from infectious diseases.



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