One-to-One Classes

One-to-One Classes

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One-to-One Outdoor Personal Training Sessions

One-to-One classes are available to students looking to develop quickly and focus on the key areas they need to develop, for example: 

  • Meditative Movement for Increased Energy
  • Relaxation
  • Integrating meditative movement into daily life
  • Increasing power while reducing effort
  • Joint health, flexibility
  • Basic Principles of Taiji, Hanging Power, footwork, 5-Essences
  • Confidence
  • Balance in every area of life
  • Learn deep breathing exercises that may increase oxygenation
  • Intermediate to advanced Qi Gong XingQiShu & DaoYinShu

One-to-one Taiji & Qi Gong classes can be effective in improving many facets of life and work, exercise, sports and many other activities, let alone holistic well-being.

Private classes can speed up your progress by working directly with you on your structure, posture, breathing, concentration and balance and give you specific exercises to strengthen weak points and develop strength, stability and focus in all areas of your practice.

 We can offer Qi Gong as well as Taiji (Tai Chi) classes in person at an outdoor location in Brighton, Croydon, throughout Surrey & Sussex.

Contact Caspar directly for a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements or simply click the "Add to Cart" button to confirm your booking online and we will then contact you to arrange a time of the booking.

Telephone: +44(0)7849 890 975.

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