Qi Gong for Beginners in Brighton & Hove by Taoyogi Brighton

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Beginners Qi Gong Course in Central Brighton & Hove UK

Would you like to learn how to develop your sensitivity to "Qi" - life force?

Would you like to develop a  solid rooted practice while reaching up to the heavens and cultivating "Qi" for health, peace of mind and raising your vibration to transcend physical conditions?

While embodying this heaven & earth energy to be more balanced, rooted and able to help others with your solid base and powerful internal centeredness and integrity?

Join our fun and friendly Qi Gong sessions in central Brighton between 7-8pm at St Michael's church Hall, just a stones throw form Waitrose on Church Road...

In this 8 session course you will come away with an effective toolbox of:

  • Increased sensitivity to "Qi", heat, light & sensations "vibe"
  • Deep breathing exercises to calm and energise
  • Unifying heaven and earth practice
  • Rooting stances and breathing
  • 5 Essence dynamics quick detox & energising hacks
  • Highly integrity "closing down" Guarding The One techniques for protection, energy conservation and boundary development.

The following are some of the perceived benefits of practising Taiji & Qi Gong:

  1. Deeper breathing and bigger lung capacity
  2. Increased blood flow
  3. Stimulation of all major organ meridians
  4. Relaxation
  5. Clear calm mind
  6. Embodiment
  7. Balancing Triple Burner energy centers
  8. Improved chance of longevity with regular practice
  9. Increased flexibility
  10. Remove stiff muscles and joints
  11. Balance Yin/Yang Qi and reduce heart fire
  12. Cultivating and unifying with Heavenly & Earthly Qi to harmonise and heal
  13. Extra Vitality
  14. Learn to Relax standing, sitting and walking
  15. Remove aches and pains and stiff joints
  16. Improve confidence
  17. Learn an internal martial art
  18. Merge mind with body - BE embodied!
  19. Improve concentration
  20.  BE in flow more often during your daily activities
  21.  Learn techniques that can change your life in every way.
  22.  Learn techniques for fast preventative and remedial wellbeing*
  23.  Healthy Hormone Release such as Endorphins
  24.  Reduced Need for Addictive Substances Such as Sugar


Google Map Pin: https://maps.app.goo.gl/gkUYFekCMKAkSW8e6  

St Michael's Church Hall Brighton, entrance is on St Michael's Place on the side of the Church on St Michael's Place.

We are just 5 minutes up form Waitrose on Brighton & Hove high street, Church Street:

Please book in advance. 

 TIME: 7-8pm Thursdays

 Price: £99 for 8 sessions making a £20 discount for £15 drop-in. Concessions available, please contact for details.

Please click on "Add-To-Cart" for course booking or click here for drop-in booking


Please wear loose fitting clothing and ensure you are okay to do gentle exercise before attending class by checking with a medical practitioner especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.


Scientific Evidence of the Efficacy of Tai Chi & Qi Gong

A compilation of over 72 random controlled clinical scientific trails on Taiji & Qi gong provided the following outstanding results:

The 9 outcome category groupings that emerged are:

1.bone density (n=4),

2.cardiopulmonary effects (n=19),

3.physical function (n=16), falls,

4.balance and related risk factors (n=23),

5.quality of life (n=17),

6.self-efficacy (n=8),

7.patient reported outcomes (n=13),

8.psychological symptoms (n=27),

9.immune- and inflammation-related responses (n=6).

Reference to scientific studies: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3085832/