How to Build Resilience to Change



One of the few things that is constant is change.  However, there is a constant within ourselves.



If you can witness external situations and even your own thoughts and emotions without them disturbing your equanimity you could be the best equipped to adapt to change.


How is this achieved?


Countless philosophies, religions and wellbeing practices espouse the secret to being well and connection to a higher source.


However, the answer is often the simplest – just be aware of the present moment, whatever it is, breath in a relaxed manner and witness the moment.


In many ways the only true reality is this present moment. Our lives are simply millions of present moments strung together. This is opposed to constantly thinking about the future or the past. In the time-honoured analogy – the present is just this – a present.

Fear is a valuable survival tool but not when we are projecting an imaginary future scenario or in fight or flight response without needing to fight or run and therefore not getting the hormones out of our system healthily.

The best way to remain free from fear, anxiety and stress is to catch your mind before it triggers an adrenal response – by being present, relaxing and simply being aware of the present moment as a detached observer, witnessing our own thoughts and emotions and external stimuli without getting involved in it.

The more you practice a “relaxation response” the more your mind builds up that mental muscle and the calmer and more equanimous you will become in usually stressful situations. Dramatic changes that occur may not affect you as much, you are not at the mercy of your thoughts and you can re-centre every time something outside or a disturbing thought attempts to put you off balance. You remain centred, calm and observe the mind, emotions and external phenomena in the presence of the current present – as it is.


You build up resilience to change.


To coin a phrase: “one witnesses a thousand fears and still does not spill one’s wine” …


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