Qi Gong Training to Increase Qi Awareness & Life Force Energising - 8 Sessions


Cultivate Qi Awareness & Increase Vitality in 8 Sessions Qi Gong Training

All welcome to join this course, from absolute beginners to intermediate Qi Gong & Taiji practitioners.

Our fun and friendly relaxing sesssions will start with learning to feel "Qi" and then cultivate Qi with the basic training moves that most find extremely rewarding and enjoyable. 


The course contents includes the following exercises that I hope students will be able to learn and practice sufficently at home upon completion of the course:


Qi Gong Course for Beginners Contents:

1. Increase awareness of Qi

2. Accomplish sufficient Standing Meditation Pose (Hanging Power) - Wuji

3. Develop Qi awareness in the DanTien for balancing, grounding & closing

4. Learn the basic Opening Gong sequence with deep breathing to cultivate Heaven & Earth Qi.

5. Practice the 5 Essences Qi Gong to relax, detox and energise at home.

6. Practice the closing down technique to ground and balance Qi

7. Start the process of learning the Water Qi Gong (Kidney life force energising and detoxing sequence)...


The Benefits of the Qi Gong Course:

  • Tune into mind body and spirit
  • Connect more deeply with nature and one another
  • Increase awareness
  • Develop meditational being
  • Relax mind body and Qi
  • Grounding & Centring
  • Energising and increasing vitality
  • Learn the techniques to practice at home
  • Develop Qi sensitivity
  • Increase blood & Qi flow
  • Develop concentration
  • Calm and clear the mind

Wear loose fitting clothing, always insure you are cleared by your qualifies medical practitioner to participate in gentle exercise.

TIME: 6pm

Date: Every Monday starting Monday 6th September 2021 for 8 sessions (moving to 6pm Thursdays in St Michaels Church Hall nearby if the weather is not prevailing)


OUTDOORS - St Anne's Wells gardens Circular Garden Area  (if their is rain or strong wind or thunder we will practice indoors).

Please adhere to social distancing and any other government regulations at the time of class.

Duration: 45 minutes to an hour.

 Google Location Pin: https://goo.gl/maps/2MGzUkQjGtL2bxSS7


Find out more about What is Qi Gong, read our article here to find out what it is and the different ways we cultivate Qi.


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Please book in advance to secure your place. Spaces are limited for this course.