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How to Relax Relieve Stress & Anxiety Through Breathing Exercises

Relaxation Response – Relaxing breathing Exercises for Anxiety & Stress Relief


I first learnt a meditation technique when I was fourteen years old, more than thirty-five years ago. Since then, I have practiced quite a few different types of methods of relaxing, relieving stress and anxiety, mainly relaxation techniques that utilise breathing techniques.


Breathing techniques that relieve anxiety and stress can often be highly effective, however, in my thirty-five years’ experience - trialing many techniques that relax the body and mind - I have found that a combination of techniques works best.


Relaxation Response is a highly effective guided relaxation exercise that involves watching the breath by feeling your tummy gently rise and fall with every breath. It is not a “fix all” technique but highly effective as our breathing is the main way to connect with our subconscious to control automatic reactions such as stress and anxiety. Other methods can be more effective for those suffering from severe anxiety, such as basic stretches that help calm the mind where Relaxation Response is less effective. These exercises could be classified as “Mindful Movement” – highly effective exercises derived from Shaolin Monks Taiji movements, more information about Mindful Movement can be found here.


Try this Relaxation Response guided technique to see if it helps. Contact us for more guided practices either online with live video connection, recorded video or in person:


Mindful Movement & Relaxation Response exercises are offered online, in person at your offices or outdoors. Contact for further information.