Summer Qi Gong Heart-Mind Fire Gong 1-4 Sessions

Summer Qi Gong Heart-Mind Fire Gong 1-4 Sessions

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Beginners welcome!

In Daoist Alchemy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Each season has an element and related organs which best suit the season to energise and cleanse. Autumn is lung, metal; winter is the Kidneys, water; spring is the liver, wood and summer is the heart and spirit, fire. The sun reaches its peak of power and we may reach our peak of harvest, joy and developing heart connections while soothing and relaxing our minds and even realising our spiritual connection to the heavens and the universe.


During the summer months we focus on cleansing and energising our heart and mind Qi, the fire element. The Fire Element, heart and mind Qi, is also associated with blood and blood vessels and the emotions of joy, emotional connection to one another, and spiritually connected pure bliss!


Potential Benefits of Heart-Mind Fire Element Qi Gong:


***Cleanse the Heart

***Opening Heart Meridians

***Open Heart Qi

***Connecting with higher purpose and spiritual sun – unified field

***Develop Sense of Joy

***Feel a Deeper Connection with People and Nature

***Develop Spiritual Path

***Feelings of Bliss & Connection to Divine Source of Life


How it Works and What We Do in The Sessions


We will start with a gentle meditative warm to connect mind with body and relax. Then we will do some releasing, energising and connecting Qi Gong. This is followed by the sequence of coordinated breathing and movement exercises that are the Heart-Spirit Qi Gong exercises. Following this we will close down and have a question-and-answer session at the end of the session.


You can drop-in for anyone session or book all four sessions in consecutive weeks to get the full benefit of the practice and learn.


All levels of experience can join this class from beginner to advanced.


Time: 6pm-6.45/7pm

Date: Every Thursday. Heart Gong Starting Thursday 14th July, then Thursday 21st July, Thursday 28th July & Thursday 4th August @6pm. Please arrive a little early to meet at the location detailed here:

Location: OUTDOORS - St Anne's Wells gardens Circular Garden Area. Please join our WhatsApp group on 07849 890 975 just in case bad weather stop play! 

Duration: 45 minutes to an hour.

 Google Location Pin:

Price: £15 for drop ANY Session or £45 for all four sessions. Please click on "add-to-cart" at the top of this page to book four sessions in a row or click here to book a drop-in session.


Always wear comfortable loose fitting clothes, preferably of natural fibers and ensure, especially of you have a pre-existing injury or medical condition, that your medical professional has okay'd you to be fit to do gentle exercise.


If you have any questions regarding the sessions or would like to find out more please call: +44(0)7542 434 172.