Awaken the Spirit of Mindful Movement: Tai Chi for Beginners Course Brighton & Hove

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Awaken the Spirit of Movement with Mindfulness: Beginners Tai Chi in Brighton & Hove 


This short course of four sessions has the objective to ensure you can practice the standing meditation, preparation/warmup and first move of the taiji form effectively at home. This will empower you to create Qi: life force, relax harmonise body with mind.

 Every penny spend is a valuable investment into your own healthy and effective meditational practice. Why spend money on people helping you to feel good and heal when you can learn to do this yourself every day?!


Here are some of the benefits of our Taiji:

  • Extra Vitality
  • Relax standing, sitting and walking
  • Remove aches and pains and stiff joints
  • Improve confidence
  • Learn an internal martial art
  • Merge mind with body - BE embodied!
  • Improve concentration
  • BE in flow more often during your daily activities
  • Learn techniques that can change your life in every way.
  • Learn techniques for fast preventative and remedial wellbeing*  


The exercises are the culmination of over 35 years practice as a meditation practitioner with tuition from highly qualified lifetime martial artists who are lay Warrior Shaolin Monks, such as Shi Xing Lik


Time: 07.15am Every Wednesday

Date: Every Wednesday  


Just £40 for 4 consecutive classes. Drop-in class  is £15 per session. Concessions available upon request. Please book in advance by clicking on the "Add-to-Cart" button at the top of this page. 

Please book in advance if possible. Cash also accepted upon arrival.


St Anne's Wells Gardens, Nizells Avenue Brighton.

MEET: Opposite the cafe in the park front entrance on the grass.

Getting there:

Number 7 bus to Seven Dials and 5 minute walk or walk up from Church Road High St bus stops straight up Cambridge Road to south entrance of St Anne's Wells Gardens.

Parking: just £1.60 an hour on Nizell's Avenue, usually with ample parking spaces.

Duration: 45 minutes to an hour.

The beauty is in the basics, often the best teachers hide the best techniques in the very foundation of Tai Chi.

    Wear loose fitting clothing. Ensure you are okay to practice gentle exercise from a qualified medical professional in advance joining class.

    If you have any questions regarding this class or require any further information please Tel: 07849 890 975.

    Please fill in our contact form if you would like contact over email regarding this class by clicking here

    *: Some of the best evidence of the efficacy of Tai Chi (AKA Taiji) is the collation of over seventy-two random controlled peer reviewed trials, further information of tha overall rsults of the trials can be found here: